Sunday, 12 February 2012

Redcar is a old place of different contrasts from a long a golden sanded beach to a view of the steelworks, situated on the north east coast of England. Redcar has had ups and downs over the last few decades from fear of unemployment to Hollywood visiting for the filming of Atonement.

You will be surprised to know that Redcar's history stretches back to the 14th century as a fishing village. Today many locals from the surrouding areas flock to Redcar on sunny days for the famous lemon tops! Redcar has had its fair share of success stories in modern times from Mo Mowlam (Labour MP) to James Hobley (Britians Got Talent star). We must also reserve a mention to the photograher who is orinigally from Redcar, Michael Lobley has kindly allowed us to use his images on our Redcar blog. Please visit Michael's website to view some fantastic images of Redcar

Redcar has many things to offer that just do not get enough positive coverage, many mornings i have worked the beaches of Redcar in awe of the glorious views of dawn. The seafront gets very busy during the summer months and the famous Redcar donkeys are a must for the kids.

Redcar is currently undergoing heavy development and we are looking forward to seeing the results. Can you imagine what the people in the picture left would of thought about Redcar having a vertical pier!Redcar's beaches have been providing a platform for family fun days for generations and will continue too for many more to come.

Did you know Redcar has a full 18 hole golf course? Please visit our things to do page for a full breakdown of activities in and around Redcar. We hope to give you as much information as we can regarding our area and really hope you find our guide useful.

Redcar - A brief look back 
Redcar has left a long trail in history with archaeology pre Doomsday book, however there is no mention of Redcar in the book. A Redcar of any note began as a fishing village trading through the near by Coatham market. Until the mid 19th century Redcar was a parish of  Marske, until Redcar became a tourist hotspot with the victorians. The uprise in Redcar's fortunes was largely down to the new rail line between Middlesbrough and Redcar which was openned in 1846.

Redcar - A time of change

Redcar seafront is currently under heavy development executing a very ambitious plan to have a 80 ft vertical pier right on the seafront. An exciting time for Redcar lies ahead after a time of inconvience, however not everyone is embracing the new changes because of all this disruption. We have supplied a straightforward poll on the right of this page so you can have a quick vote on wether you think the pier will be a success. There is new sea defense system also involved in the new development, in our opinion these new defense systems could lead to saving Redcar lives in the future as we tackle raising sea levels.

We continue to supply the latest information for our readers and we hope that you find this local based blog useful.