Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cleveland Police response to You Tube Video

At around 11:30pm on 1st August 2013, police were called to reports of a man being drunk and disorderly in a pub on Stockton High Street. The report said that the man had left…
…the premises and was engaged in a dispute with a woman on Stockton High Street.

A male police officer arrived at the scene and was head-butted by the man and left injured on the floor. A female police officer attempted to handcuff the man, when she was kicked and head-butted.
Other officers at the scene attempted to restrain him so that he could be handcuffed and taken safely into police custody. Officers have said that the man was trying to bite them and was digging his nails into their arms whilst they were attempting to handcuff him.

In this case officers have used hands on tactics that are trained and recognised, they have not resorted to other tactics such as taser or baton strike which can be seen to be higher on the use of force continuum.

Controlling the arms and head of a violent person is not easy particularly when they are in a heightened state and have just assaulted someone.
Punches to the muscle group in the arm in order to “deaden” it and thus allow it to be moved to the rear are appropriate when encountering resistance from the arms. Once the man’s arms are secured he was then put into the back of a van safely, reducing the possibility of injury to him or others.

Cleveland Police Professional Standards Department have viewed the footage and are satisfied that the officers acted in accordance with legislation and their training when dealing with the man.
A Cleveland Police spokesperson said: “Officers operating in Stockton Town Centre know they are on CCTV and value the evidence gathering and support it gives them, they often direct where the cameras should point via the police radio link into the CCTV control room.

“Officers deal with extremely violent individuals on a daily basis who could be under the influence of drink or drugs, which also has a part to play in increasing the offender’s mindset and strength.

“There is a danger that this footage could be taken out of context on first viewing, but it is important to view it with full knowledge of the facts.”
The man pleaded guilty at court to two counts of assaulting a constable in the execution of his or her duty and possession of cannabis. He was given a 12 month community order with supervision, a four week curfew, costs and compensation to police.

Cleveland Police Accused of Brutality in Middlesbrough through You Tube video

A video has today appeared online accusing Cleveland Police of Police Brutality from an incident which occurred on Stockton High Street on the 1st August. The video appeared on Youtube today.

We waited for an official police response before we released the footage. Which shows the shocking and distressing image of a male police officer laid on the floor.
The video taken from the towns CCTV system, shows an incident which has occurred on Stockton High Street and an number of police officers responding to the incident, as a male police officer is laid on the ground.

Although the Video clearly shows an officer on the ground having suffered what is believed to be an assault.

We must make it clear that incidents involving large groups of police officers were ‘reasonable force’ is required always looks much more serious than they are because of the visual representation of a number off officers arresting one person, Lets remember that this video clearly shows one police officer laid on the floor, with blood dripping down his face.

The video however accuses Cleveland Police of assaulting two members of the public involved in an incident.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Inside Redcar's £31m leisure and community heart

Complex - which includes swimming pools, wave simulator, cafe, register officer, fitness suites and conference facilities - is due to open next spring

Work on the town’s £31m leisure and community “heart” began more than two years ago.
And as these photos show, it shouldn’t be long now before the new complex is up and running.

Due to open next spring, it is situated in the heart of Redcar, near the railway station.
Attractions currently under construction include swimming pools, a wave simulator, a cafe, a register officer, fitness suites and conference facilities.

Redcar and Cleveland Council says it will create and safeguard about 260 jobs and provide a state-of-the-art place to get fit, have fun, do business, grab coffee and even get married.
In addition, the council chambers, the mayor’s parlour and small and medium sized business facilities will be lthere.

Most of the steel for the building’s frame has come from the Teesside Beam Mill at Lackenby, famous for providing beams for the likes of Canary Wharf, Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 and the new World Trade Centre in New York.
Former Olympic and world champion triple jumper Jonathan Edwards came to Redcar in October 2011 to officially get work under way.

He was joined at the ceremony by two home-grown sporting stars - world champion mountain biker Danny Hart and world paratriathlete Charlotte Ellis. And in April 2012, the borough’s former mayor Councillor Olwyn Peters officially dug the first sod at the site.
The building’s frame comprises more than 4,500 steel beams and columns, held in place with 41,000 bolts.

Cllr Peters, now the council’s cabinet member for culture, leisure and tourism, said the scheme brings the total amount invested into Redcar’s redevelopment to more than £100m.
Most of the funding is from external sources, with the Community Heart largely financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

She said: “We have a superb civic centre that we believe will help drive the development of the entire borough for residents and visitors.”

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Huge waves in Saltburn as tidal surge hits

Do you know the man captured in these pictures as he dodged a large wave by jumping over cliff lift railing?

Do you know this man?

He was caught in these dramtic pictures as he dodged a large wave at Saltburn Pier.

This series of three pictures - taken by Gazette reader Lee Pearce - shows his lucky escape as he manages to jump over the cliff lift railing before a huge wave crashes over the sea wall.

The other pictures show the extent of damage to the area caused by waves which reached more than 10ft high.

Witnesses reported seeing tarmac ripped up like pieces of paper and scattering them around the car park.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Passenger train hit by large rock thrown from bridge while passing through Coatham Marshes in Redcar

Investigation launched after 'boulder-type rock causing a dent the size of a football' was thrown from a bridge onto the train
The train driver reported the incident to police
The train driver reported the incident to police
An investigation has been launched after a large rock was thrown from a bridge on Teesside - hitting and damaging a train.

The train, carrying passengers, was passing through Coatham Marshes, Redcar, when the incident happened at about 12.30pm on Saturday.
Luckily there were no injuries as a result of the incident but officers say it “could have been much worse”.

The impact caused a football-sized dent.
PC Gary Sykes, the investigating officer, said: “The train was passing through Coatham Marshes around 12.30pm on Saturday, November 30, when a boulder was thrown from a footbridge which crosses over the tracks.

“The boulder-type rock landed on top of one of the carriages, which was carrying passengers at the time, causing a dent the size of a football.”

Officers attended the area following the report and carried out a full search of the area but no suspects were found. There was no disruption to services.

Officers are now carrying out a number of inquiries including speaking to witnesses and urging anyone with information to come forward.

PC Sykes added: “The train driver, who reported the incident to police, saw a boy, aged between 13 and 15, wearing a dark coloured hooded top run from the scene, and we are very keen to speak to him.”

Anyone with any information should contact British Transport Police on 0800 405040 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting NEA/B5.

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