Friday, 15 February 2013

Redcar Palace Hub

The development of the seafront maybe taking a long time however buildings like the Palace Hub are signalling exciting times for Redcar. The building is designed to actively promote creative thinking from local Redcar companies. Situated on the seafront the building as views of the Sea, helping creative minded people deliver their full potential.

Local businesses have already started moving into the building, that has 5 floors and is open 24v hours a day. The 5 floors of the building are as follows:-

Ground Floor

Reception Area, Gallery, Cafe and Office Space.

First Floor

Studio Style Workspace, Relaxation Area, Meeting Rooms.

Second Floor & Third Floor

Office Space, Meeting Rooms, Micro Pods, Hot Desking.

Fourth Floor

Office Space, Meeting Rooms, Micro Pods, Hot Desking.

The meeting rooms are available to both tenants and non-tenants, For more information on the meeting rooms call 01642 774774

Additional Contacts

Adrian Watson - 01642 444320 -
Angela Brockbank - 01642 444320 -


We hope this information is of some help and we urge Redcar residents to continue your fantastic support when it comes to the development of our town. We are looking forward to a bright future for Redcar's young people.