Sunday, 14 September 2014

17 reasons why Redcar Hight Street must be improved


  1. Ok you've pointed out the problem, what's your solution?

    Mine would start with 2 hours free parking (like Middlesbrough does). Create a niche local section of the high street for small local businesses with very cheap rent/rates (like the thriving Baker Street in Middlesbrough). Offer peppercorn rents for 6 months to small creative businesses in the Palace Hub and Beacon to get those thriving. Start a think/shop local campaign - great local businesses do OK - there's always a queue at Goodswen's butchers.

    If there are thriving local businesses that attract people some of the bigger retail companies will also want to come/stay

    Just a few ideas that may give a boost and get more businesses here and bring in more footfall.

  2. I agree with Ian. I'd add that businesses that abuse the 6 months reduced rates rule by continually relocating under a new name get struck off the programme. Also the business association needs to be bigger and more transparent at the moment it consists of 5 businesses? There are 324 retail businesses in Redcar. Great business needs great promotion and publicity -RCBC could do a lot more to provide FREE publicity to get people to visit. Likewise businesses could get more active, communicate better, offer reward schemes to regular customers, staff and community volunteers. A common theme could be adopted through the seasons. There is also a need for a review system where customers can evaluate shops they've visited or purchased from (purchased barcodes can act as login so the system isn't abused). Shops can be STAR rated on product, price, customer service, cleanliness, overall appearance. Figures can be fed back to businesses monthly and services can be offered by RCBC to bring busineses up to standard. This could be a "Customer Experience Stand" situated on Regents Walk that can be installed in situ daily. Residents should also have more say regarding planning proposals. Consultations should be issued on all planned developments in a timely fashion. This would include aesthetics and upkeep on derelict and demolition sites.

    Could go on to be honest. There is so much that could be done. So little that is.

  3. Alec if you send me these images I'll add them to my dereliction post


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