Sunday, 9 December 2018

Support local business owners and Shop Lovcal as much as possible this Christmas

‘Shop local!’ is the rallying cry this Christmas.

This Saturday (1 December) is Small Business Saturday and with Christmas getting closer, shops in the Redcar and Cleveland borough are reminding people that our town centres are packed with great shops with gifts for the whole family.

Calling on people to support their local high street, Councillor Bob Norton, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Growth, said:

“We all know that town centres and High Streets are facing stiff competition from online retailers and out-of-town shopping centres. I understand the appeal and convenience but shops are essential to our town centres’ survival.

“Local shops are run by local people, employ local residents and contribute to our economy and social lives in numerous ways. We’re proud to support Small Business Saturday and will do everything we can to promote our town centres.

“We all value our high streets and want to see them thrive. Take the time to visit one and see the incredible amount of shops we have to offer. You may well be surprised.

“There really is one solution to reverse years of decline and support our local retailers: shop local!”

The town centres in Redcar and Cleveland, including Redcar, Loftus, Eston, Guisborough, Saltburn, Skelton and Marske, are home to many small, independently owned shops offering a variety of gifts as well unique cafes and coffee shops to stop for a drink or lunch

Parking in all Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council operated car parks is free after 1pm and there is an extensive bus and rail network for those who prefer not to drive.

The latest on Durham Tees Valley Airport from Council leader Sue Jeffrey, as she responds to petition: "Tees Valley Mayor blocked investment plans"

Many thanks for taking the time to contact me about the future of our airport.

 Like you, I want three things:
1. To keep our airport open
2. To reverse its decline; and
3. To bring back holiday flights.

Plans to do all three have been ready for over two years. They were developed by the Tees Valley Combined Authority in partnership with the current operator and were to be funded by a mix of cash from tax payers and from the operator themselves. Sadly, those plans have been blocked by the Tees Valley Mayor who instead has announced that £40 million of your devolution money will be spent to ‘save the airport’.

You may remember that 2016/7 the five Council Leaders, working closely with business leaders in the Local Enterprise Partnership, agreed a £15 million a year devolution deal with government to deliver jobs and growth right across the Tees Valley . This is where the £40 million will come from. From the little I know it appears that the cash will be used to buy 800+ acres of land in Stockton/Darlington, including the airport.

What has not been explained is how much more will be needed to fund new flights and to improve airport facilities. These are likely to cost many millions of pounds. And then there will be the day-to-day operating costs. We know that the airport currently loses £2 million a year. As Leader of Redcar and Cleveland Council I am responsible for running a multi-million pound organisation providing services to 136,000 people including you and your family. Before we use £40 million of your devolution cash to buy 800+acres of land in Stockton/Darlington and a loss making airport I will need to know much, much more about the proposal.

What I do know for sure is that if this plan goes ahead then there will be a lot less money to spend on other projects, possibly for many years to come. Money that could be used to: · create new jobs, including buying the land at the SSI site which is a priority - we don’t want to lose out again like we just have with car maker Ineos · invest in local transport services, including better roads, buses and trains · help our businesses and communities succeed; and · Indirectly, support all the services our council provides including for our children and older people. So this will be a difficult decision. I am committed to doing absolutely everything in my power to stop our airport closing and to support it to grow and thrive. I will also do all I can to make sure that your hard won devolution cash is not wasted, and that plans agreed now do not mean you have to pay more Council Tax in the future.

Times remain hard for many and every penny we have needs to be spent to bring real local benefits for you, your family and the people of Redcar and Cleveland. I have copied the Tees Valley Mayor into this email in case you want to get in touch directly about the points I have raised. If you would like to talk to me about the plans for the airport or anything else at any time please contact me.

 With best wishes to you and your family for a very Happy Xmas and New Year.

 Kind regards Sue

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

£167 million boost to the economy and 1,700+ jobs in Redcar and Cleveland

Increase in visitors results in £167 million boost to the economy and 1,700+ jobs in Redcar and Cleveland
Increase in visitors results in £167 million boost to the economy and 1,700+ jobs in Redcar and Cleveland

REDCAR and Cleveland welcomed an increasing number of visitors to a staggering 3.74 million in 2017, spending £167 million and supporting more than 1,700 jobs throughout the borough.

The latest figures (for 2017), calculated by Global Solutions on behalf of the Tees Valley Combined Authority, reveal:

·         3.74 million people visited Redcar and Cleveland – an increase of 5.6% from 2016

·         £167 million spent on tourist related activities – a further increase of 5% on 2016

·         1,749 people directly employed in tourism – an increase of 4%. When indirect employment in the supply chain is taken into account total employment stands at 2,197, up by 4.5% on 2016

·         4.18 million ‘visitor days’ – a further increase of 5% on 2016

·         327,000 overnight visitors, representing a £50 million spend - an increase of 2.7% on 2016

·         3.4 million day visitors, representing a £118 million spend – an increase of 6% on 2016

·         The Food and Drink sector accounts for 34% of all spend and 36% of all employment

The percentage increases are broadly in line with the rest of the Tees Valley which saw an overall increase of 6% in visitor numbers to 19.76 million and a 5% increase in spend to £923.41 million.

Councillor Carl Quartermain, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Tourism and Communications, said: “This is really great news.

“A large part of our economy is dependent on tourism so we’re thrilled to see it thriving. But we aren’t resting on our laurels.  There’s always more we can do.

“The figures show most of our visitors come only for the day. We want them to stay overnight, to experience more of what we have to offer and frankly, to spend more money while they’re here.

“Our ‘Welcome to’ support scheme provides match funding for hotels and B & B’s in the borough to bring unused rooms into use to create more bed spaces for visitors. The more hotel rooms we have, the more people can stay.

“We’ve also recently launched a new place marketing campaign, in partnership with local business and other organisations, to show the benefits of Redcar and Cleveland as a great place to live, enjoy and do business. We’ve got a great new website and active social media feeds to show off the best of our borough.

“As a borough with a coast on one side and stunning countryside on the other, we have a unique offer here in Redcar and Cleveland. We’re keen to share it with as many people as possible.”

To find out more about what Redcar and Cleveland has to offer visitors and tourists, visit: www. 

Hotel and B&B owners interested in the 'Welcome to' funding opportunity should call 01642 444494 or email:

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

FREE Christmas Parking across Redcar and Cleveland

All council-operated car parks and on-street parking bays across the Redcar and Cleveland will be FREE for motorists after 1pm every day from Tuesday 6 November 2018.

What a great way to encourage people to shop local!
Local shops support local high streets, employ local people and are often owned and managed by our friends and neighbours.

Councillor Bob Norton, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Growth, said: “Free afternoon parking has become a Christmas tradition here in Redcar and Cleveland and I’m thrilled we’re able to spread a little seasonal joy once again. 
“We’ve got great shops throughout the borough to suit everyone, from major retailers to locally-owned independents. There’s something for everyone in Redcar and Cleveland.”

For more information on the free parking scheme motorists should refer to notices in each council car park or go to​​

So why not put the tablet down and do some real shopping in your community?

For a complete list of car parks offering free afternoon parking, visit:

Parking charges still apply between 8am and 1pm.
Normal charges will resume on Monday 7 January 2019.

Rethinking Parks in Redcar and Cleveland draws in £194,000 in funding

Rethinking Parks in Redcar and Cleveland

PARK users in Redcar and Cleveland can look forward to a bright future as Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council has today voted in favour of establishing a new Foundation to manage eight much-loved parks. The Council has secured £194,000 in funding to form a Parks Foundation from Rethinking Parks, a joint project between The Big Lottery, The Heritage Lottery Fund, and Nesta, supporting park innovators across the UK to adapt to changing circumstances. The Park Foundation, made up of trustees from the community, local businesses and the Council, will take over the day-to-day management of Flatts Lane Woodland Country Park, Guisborough Forest and Walkway, Eston Recreation Ground, Locke Park, Zetland Park, Borough Park, King George V Playing Fields and Marshall Drive Playing Fields, Brotton.

While the Council will remain the owner of the parks, the Foundation will deliver maintenance, litter picking and be responsible for future developments and all commercial activity such as cafes and events. The Parks Foundation will have greater autonomy over commercial endeavours to raise revenue and can access funding unavailable to a Council, such as grants, corporate sponsorship, individual donations and crowdfunding. The Council has committed to financially supporting the Foundation with the budget for maintenance which will remain at its current level.

Councillor Alec Brown, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Fifty local authorities put in a bid to Nesta for funding, and we were one of only eight to receive a financial award. “Our aim is to create community-led parks, parks that are run by local people and businesses to the benefit of the local community. Nesta recognised the strong working partnership we already have with the park’s Friends groups and voluntary sector, and clearly consider our Foundation proposal to be a workable solution to securing the ongoing future of the parks. “Of course we can’t do this alone so we’ve consulted with Friends groups associated with the parks, Groundworks North East, Beyond Housing, sports clubs like New Marske Harriers and Redcar Football Club, charities such as The Junction Foundation and Age UK and several leading businesses including PD Ports and MGT Teesside.They’re all on board with the project and we’re keen to move forward with the next phase which is the formation of the Park Foundation itself.”

Amy Solder, Project lead at Nesta, said: “Parks are wonderful free public resources that communities treasure. “They support health and wellbeing as well as provide spaces for socialising, play, activity and a connection to nature. Nesta aims to help parks, and the people who run them, to innovate to keep them free, open and truly valued community spaces. “Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s proposal reflected our ambitions by putting people at the heart of a bold and ambitious parks foundation to creating vibrant parks at the centre of their communities." It’s envisaged that the Parks Foundation will include a management board made up of local stakeholders, including businesses wishing to work on the project as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility by supplying finance, staff time or specialist services. Formation of the Parks Foundation will begin in January 2020

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Do you have any images of Redcar like these?

Monday, 17 September 2018

Do you like Rock and Roll? Redcar's Primrose Bell line up

Well done to everyone that took part in the Redcar Beach clean at the weekend

Festival of Thrift’s first-ever launch parade to kick off this year’s event

With this year’s Festival of Thrift only days away, the organisers are inviting people to join in the event’s first ever launch parade to get the big Festival weekend started.

The launch parade, which will be the culmination of months of community workshops, projects and activity in the run up to the Festival, will take the Festival right to the heart of Redcar town centre on the evening of Friday 21 September.

Revellers will be entertained by a procession that starts with cyclists leaving Kirkleatham village, to be joined from the Community Heart by walkers at 6.30pm, all then heading to the seafront and ending at the bandstand for a musical finale. The event will be a warm up to the Festival’s big weekend celebration of sustainable living at Kirkleatham on 22 and 23 September.

Produced by Stellar Projects, the parade will include lively music from Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners and Festival regulars Boom Bike, an outdoor dance performance on bikes by Bicycle Ballet, plus a return visit by Russian company Cardboardia, whose quirky cardboard creations were a hugely popular feature with festival-goers at the 2017 event.

Taking the theme of ‘Be Thrifty, Be Happy’ the parade is set to provide a fun and entertaining spectacle that will enhance the feel-good atmosphere of Thrift.

The parade will involve participants from local schools and community groups – Green Gates Primary School, Lakes Primary School, Grenfell Youth Club, Mind Crafty Cafe, Tuned In, The Link and Saltburn Woodland Centre - who will burst onto the streets bringing a carnival spirit to Redcar town centre.

Stella Hall, Festival of Thrift Director, said: “Our launch parade aims to start things off in style this year and give people a flavour of the wide range of participants we have been involved with this year and the thrifty fun that is to come over the weekend.

“It’s fantastic to be able to get people into the Festival spirit ahead of the event. We are looking forward to a wonderful welcome from the people of mighty Redcar on Friday night.”

As the countdown to the weekend intensifies, the Festival of Thrift organisers have also unveiled a downloadable programme for the weekend, which details the ten zones across the Kirkleatham site that are set to be jam-packed with lots of things to see, do and get involved in.

Lots to do for the kids at Tuned In!

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Do you love Redcar Beach? Can you help?

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Please Share: Lost rubble dog soft toy left on a bench at Redcar seafront

Hello sorry to bother you my little boy left this rubble dog soft toy on a bench on The seafront earlier today I’m not sure if you put out things like this but if you do I was wondering if you could ask if anyone found it please? Thank you.

Monday, 5 February 2018

"Coatham Beach" by James McGairy

Redcar CC: Junior Cricket Practice

Redcar Athletic v Middlesbrough FC

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Funding available for Redcar community groups and charities. Please share

This month local charities and community groups have the opportunity to apply for between £500 and £20,000 raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

 On 14th February the latest funding rounds for the People’s Postcode Trust, Postcode Local Trust and Postcode Community Trust will open for applications. People’s Postcode Trust seeks applications for projects that focus on the prevention of poverty, promotion of human rights and equal rights. Postcode Local Trust supports community gardens, play areas, wildlife and green energy projects. Postcode Community Trust focuses on grass-roots sports, arts, recreation and healthy living programmes.