Thursday, 31 October 2013

Former Cleveland police officer has admitted committing seven rapes

A FORMER North-East policeman on trial for sex offences has already admitted carrying out seven rapes, a jury heard yesterday.

Prosecutor Christine Egerton told the court that Wayne Scott, formerly of Stockton, had pleaded guilty to seven charges of rape against another woman.
Newcastle Crown Court heard that Scott was on remand in prison over the original allegations when he was interviewed in relation to three further allegations of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault between June 2006 and December 2007.

The 37-year-old, who was a serving policeman at the time, denies all three of the latest charges.
Jurors heard a transcript of the police interview when Detective Constable Kimberley Davies, of Cleveland Police, gave evidence.
During the interview, he denied attempting to rape the victim in his home.
Scott also told officers that he would describe himself as highly-sexed but had never forced himself on anyone.

He accepted that on the night he is accused of attempted rape and sexual assault, he did try to pull down the alleged victim's jeans but he told officers that when she asked him to stop he did so.

The defendant denied pinning the alleged victim to the floor and said that she did not scream for help.
 He said: "I can say it here and say it proud I have never raped (the alleged victim)"
In a second police interview, Scott denied raping the victim in his car or that he drove away at speed threatening to crash the car after the alleged incident.
Earlier yesterday, a former work colleague of the alleged victim told the jury that she was visibly upset when she told her what had happened.
She said: "She was crying and shaking.
"She said something had happened, that she had been forced upon.
"Something horrendous had happened to her, something had happened which she wasn't expecting and it was horrendous."

When the next witness was giving evidence, Scott sat in the dock crying, with his head in his hands.
The witness recounted a confrontation between the alleged victim and the defendant.
She said she overheard the victim saying "after you had forced yourself on me a couple of weeks ago... when you tried to rape me".

Tim Roberts, cross examining the witness, put it to the witness that the victim never used the word 'rape'.
She replied: "Yes she did."
The trial continues

Article from the Northern echo

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