Redcar Shout

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 Roll on the pier!

 "The seafront is really ugly at the minute but i think it will look really cool once it has finshed, i think lots of people will come to Redcar when it is finshed and spend money in the arcades and shops"

Ben Wilson - 11 years old -  Lakes (6th of March 2012)

The Zetland lifeboat

"The Zetland lifeboat is the oldest one in the world and is part of the
Nation's Historical Fleet. To put things in prospective -She was saving
lives at Redcar before the Battle of Trafalgar.

She shares her Historical Ships status by being in the same catogory as the
Cutty Sark, The Victory, The Mary Rose and the Warrior to name a few.
She is renown throughtout the world yet quietly sits in a small Redcar
museum where many of the locals are unaware of her presence.

Fred Brunskill (9th of March 2012)