Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Redcar Council leader George Dunning defends Beacon

Council leader George Dunning used the Angel of the North as a example to defend the Redcar Beacon, he says the Angel was criticised at first.

The defense of the Redcar Beacon comes after it was shortlisted for national Carbuncle Cup.

He went on to say:

“We held a competition to re-design Redcar Seafront and the Redcar Beacon is part of the winning design," he said.

“We had more than 53 entries from professional architects as far as Iran, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands.

“The final design was chosen with expert guidance from the Royal Institute of British Architects and after a great deal of public consultation.

“What came back from the public was that they wanted something new and something different - and the Redcar Beacon is certainly that.

“We wanted something unique that would form a center piece to the seafront project and one that would draw attention to all of the great things going on in Redcar.

“With more than 140,000 visitors in the five months since it opened we believe we have achieved that. 

“It has had its critics, but there were more than 16,000 objections to the Angel of the North, you’d struggle to find 16 now.”

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