Friday, 9 August 2013

Two Redcar fishermen thank their lucky stars after boat crash at Redcar

The Mizpah involved in sea collison.

Two Redcar fishermen are today thanking their lucky stars after a boat crash at sea could of ended up a lot worse out come. The two men were heading out to check their crab pots in their 12ft fishing boat the "Mizpah", when they were hit by a much larger vessel "The Samantha".

The skipper of the larger boat helped the two fishermen from the water, a rope was then attached to the stricken Mizpah and then it was hauled a shore. The RNLI lifeguards were on the beach setting up their safety flags and witnessed the collision, responding immediately as a lifeguard waded out to the scene, whilst trauma equipment was set up on the beach.

The two fisherman, Colin Thomas and Gary Burrows are in good spirits with Colin planning to retrieve his crab pots today in a different boat. The incident highlights the need for safety at all times off the Redcar coast, with even experienced fishermen Colin and Gary involved in a incident after many years fishing off the Redcar coast.

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