Friday, 28 March 2014

South Tees Motor Sports Park - Questions from Dot Laird

This is a terrific facility with 3 thriving businesses: The Redcar Bears
Speedway Team, which operates within the park, but independently; The
go-cart track, which hosts regular events for carting, drifting, racing
motorcycles etc., and Train to Ride motorcycle training establishment.

The park is owned by Redcar and Cleveland Council, and the businesses pay
rent. Until recently, the council have been very supportive, happy to work
hand in hand with these local small enterprises.

Until now! The speedway track remains unaffected - at the moment, but the
others have been informed that the toilet facilities are to be removed at
the end of the month! There are very limited toilet facilities within the
go-cart buildings, leaving Train to Ride somewhat 'out on a limb'. Staff and
trainees alike, will have to hike up to a main building, 200 yds away. When
there is an event, this will entail struggling through milling crowds and
then standing in queues to use the toilets.

Even without the problems of Train to Ride, the remaining toilets will be
hard pushed to cope with the number of visitors on event days!
These small businesses have been in situ AND thriving for many years.
To attack them in this underhanded way is despicable to say the least. It
does make one wonder if there is some ulterior motive involved, with the
intention of making the park untenable for the motor sports and free to
welcome some kind of new build??

Surely local successful businesses should always be encouraged by local
council AND indeed the local MP.

I should be interested to know their (AND anyone elses) thoughts on the

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